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Matcha + Black sesame + Red beans have got to be one of the most classic flavour combinations. When we went to Japan years ago, Matcha desserts were aplenty and often, they were accompanied with some sort of black sesame and red bean counterparts. Being a fan of this flavour combination, of course we took it upon ourselves to create a dessert out of it! Taking inspiration from the "Flour is out of stock" situation we are facing right now, we decided to make a recipe which doesn't require flour, only simple ingredients that are still available during this chaotic situation.

Using rolled oats to substitute wheat flour means that this recipe is not only high in whole grains, but gluten free as well (Be sure to use gluten free certified rolled oats if you are allergic to gluten). We were really happy with how this deceivingly healthy tart turned out! The fragrant oat crust complements the nutty black sesame sponge and fragrant matcha creme perfectly. The red beans added a much needed bite and the vegan rice whipped cream balanced out the strong flavours of matcha and black sesame making this a delicate, but full rounded dessert, which will leave you very satisfied.

We are aware that this recipe is not the fastest to make, but really, it is just a series of simple steps which will lead you to an elegant and lovely dessert. This is totally worth the effort to make and we hope that you will see why we love it so much after you made it.


Tart Crust

130g Rolled oats

30g Almond meal/ Whole cashews/ Macadamia

55g Extra virgin coconut oil

55g Maple syrup

1. In a food processor, process the oats and almond meal until finely grounded.

2. Then, add in coconut oil and maple syrup and process until a rough dough forms.

3. Press into tart molds and refrigerate for 30 mins.

Black Sesame Sponge

65g Rolled oats

15g Black sesame seeds

1 tsp Baking powder

10g Potato starch/ Corn starch

60g Unsweetened soy milk/ Non-dairy milk

20g Vegetable oil

1. Preheat oven to 180°C

2. Process rolled oats, black sesame seeds, baking powder and cornstarch in a food processor until finely grounded.

3. Add in soy milk and oil. Pulse a few more times until a batter forms.

4. Divide equally among the tart crust.

5. Bake for 15 mins or until the tart crust is golden brown.

Matcha Creme Patisserie

250g Oat milk/ Non-dairy milk

30g Cornstarch

30g Raw sugar

8g Matcha powder

1g Agar powder

20g Vegan butter/ Margarine

1. In a saucepan, mix all ingredients, EXCEPT VEGAN BUTTER, together until there are no lumps of cornstarch or matcha powder. (Pass mixture through a sift if unsure)

2. Heat the saucepan on medium heat while stirring the mixture constantly.

3. When the mixture has thickened significantly, turn off the heat and stir in the vegan butter until the mixture is smooth and velvety.

4. Let it cool to room temperature and refrigerate it for at least 3 hours.

5. Once the creme patisserie is thoroughly chilled, blend it until it is smooth.

6. Transfer it into a piping bag with the vermicelli nozzle. You can play around with other nozzles as well!

For Assembling

Baked tart crust with sesame sponge

Vegan rice whipped cream/ Coconut whipped cream

Boiled red beans

Matcha creme patisserie

1. Pipe a small amount of whipped cream onto the middle of the black sesame sponge.

2. Then, top it with about a tablespoon of red beans.

3. Cover the red beans with more whipped cream.

4. Pipe the matcha creme patisserie to cover the whipped cream. And it's done!

We hope you like our Vegan Matcha Sesame Tart recipe! Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel and tag us on Instagram if you recreate any of our recipes, we'd love to see your creations!

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